Get started


Note: Do not power the board or connect any cables until instructed to do so.

Hardware List

  • Computer (Linux, Mac or Windows)
  • Power supply´╝Ü
    • 2S(7.4V) - 4S(14.8V) Li-Po Battery (JST-PH connector)
    • Power Supply with output voltage from 7V @ 3A to 14V @ 2A
  • USB A to Micro USB cable
  • Check if the E-stop jumper is connected

Software List

For Circuitpython

  • Adafruit Circuitpyhton Driver for Windows 7
  • Serial Monitor(Putty for Windows, minicom for Linux or Mac)

For Arduino

  • Arduino IDE
  • Additional Boards Manager URLS for RoboHAT MM1: